About Ruby

My Story

Hi, I’m Ruby, an AEC RML Routemaster, and I started my working life in 1967 transporting the people of London around the city. I, along with my brothers and sisters, have now become one of the most iconic images of the country’s heritage and we are recognised throughout the world.

After nearly 40 years of service, I retired and was sold to an independent oprator up in Scotland.

Unfortunately while making my way up to my new home, I was involved in a traumatic road accident causing me severe rear end damage. The damage was so bad that it was thought that I was beyond repair, and put up for sale for scrap.

Luckily for me my new owners found me for sale on the internet and after taking a trip up to Liverpool to assess my damage, they decided to take on the mammoth project of rebuilding me. They spent six months scouring the country tring to locate replacement parts and in June 2009 they finished the rebuild just in time for their daughter’s prom night (and didn’t she look gorgeous!!). Needless to say that I was the star of the show and the local papers had a field day with photo opportunities.

These days I spend my days attending special occasions such as weddings, proms and of course corporate events.